Friday, April 4, 2008


Update, 6/17/08: See below for new colors!

These pieces can be personalized with a first or last name, or just a word in English or Spanish such as "peace" (paz) or "love" (amor). They are designed to be placed in an 11X14" mat and framed.
  • Materials: Fleece, huipil fabric, worry dolls, fabric glue, embroidery thread
  • Method: Letters and squares are hand-cut from huipil fabric. They, along with the worry dolls, are attached to the fleece with fabric glue for strength and then all pieces are hand-sewn.
  • Size of fabric: approx. 11"X14".
  • Size of letters: Depends on the length of name as well as what letters are used. WWWW, for example, is wider than IIII :). For the example shown above, each letter is a little under 4" tall. The smaller letters, used for longer names, are just over 2" tall.
  • Recommended display: Use sturdy tape to attach fabric to a photo mat with 11"X14" opening. Trim as necessary (fleece can be trimmed without fraying). Insert mat into frame.
  • For names up to and including four letters, the price is $44. Each additional letter is $4.
  • Items are to be paid in advance because they are personalized.
  • Options:
a. Decoration:
    • Three small worry dolls with squares on either side*
    • One large doll with squares on either side*
    • Simple flat design cut out of huipil fabric (circle, heart, star, etc) with squares on either side. This is the best option if you want to put the fabric in a frame with glass.
b. Color of fleece (please see photo but note that colors on your screen may not exactly reflect the color in real life):
    • dark purple SOLD OUT
    • yellow
    • dark green
    • bright lime green
    • red
    • hot pink
    • dark indigo (dark blue-purple, which is more purple than it appears in the photo)
    • dark turquoise

Payment and shipping Details:
  • Payment will be through
  • Please include $2 per order for shipping.
  • Orders will be shipped whenever the family member/adoptive parent returns home to the US.
To place a special order, please leave the following information in your comment:
  • an email address at which I can contact you to exchange information. Feel free to "disguise" the email address so it doesn't get picked up by spambots.
  • the name to be created
  • your choices for decoration and fleece color
Here are a few examples of names I've made and sold. All huipiles and names are unique and these photos are only for reference. Please click to enlarge:

*Please note that the glass in a frame (unless it's a shadowbox frame) most likely will not fit with the dolls. Therefore, if you want to have glass in front of your piece, please select a flat embellishment, which will be cut from the huipil fabric.


J Johnson said...


J Johnson said...

Hi I wanted to order 3

Zachary-Dark Brown
Nick-Light Brown
Nathan-Light purple


Kathy said...

I would like to order three as well.

klmesel at adelphia dot net

aguilamj said...

Hi Erin
I keep forgetting my passwords to post comments, but finally reset them. I would love to order a name. Paola on blue fabric with a design, maybe a bird if you have one. You can reach me at megeagle at umich dot edu

DebL said...

Hi Erin! Saw Lucas' at Kelly's last night - it's even nicer in real life! I'd like to order two-

Noah on light brown with stars on bottom
Gabi on medium purple with 3 dolls

ebertd at yahoo dot com

Thanks, Deb

DebL said...
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Lisa said...

Hi I'd like one brown with Gabriel with decoration of flat star, circle, or teddy bear [osito] shape. Also one in medium purple with Maria and three dolls. la dunbar 00 at yahoo dot com

nora said...


O.k. we are ready to order.
1 in lime green
Name: Julia
Flat decoration on the bottom.

1 in dark purple
Name: Amalia
Flat decoration on the bottom

email: ntycast at comcast dot net