Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I found the cutest used Guatemalan aprons* the other day, for both adults and children. I'm keeping one for me and one for Azucena, but I thought I would offer some here as well. Last week, my mom and I attended a lecture about Guatemalan textiles and learned that the stripes and designs in fabric for skirts/aprons/etc are actually made using a tie-dye technique! It is really amazing how the weavers know exactly how to place the knots in the threads in order to come out with the designs.

These aprons are in nice used condition with normal wear (some loose strings or some fraying). They have been washed.

  • $12.50 for children's aprons
  • $14.00 for adult aprons
Payment and shipping Details:
  • Payment will be through paypal.com.
  • Please include $2 per order for shipping.
  • Orders will be shipped in May.
To place a special order, please leave the following information in your comment:
  • an email address at which I can contact you to exchange information. Feel free to "disguise" the email address so it doesn't get picked up by spambots.
  • the apron you want. First come, first served! :)
Adult's Apron 1: SOLD

Adult's Apron 2: This one has two zippered pockets. The zippers are a little "wavy" but they work! SOLD

Child's Apron 1: SOLD

Child's Apron 2: SOLD

Child's Apron 3: SOLD

*apron is delantal in Spanish


chitwood said...

I would love to get childs apron #1. Thanks.

chitwood at indiana.edu

TNKerry said...

I'll take Child # 2.

Tiffany said...

I'd like Childs #3


chapsgirl 92 at yahoo. com

Rhonda said...

Darn, I'm behind, but if you get more child's aprons Erin, I'd love 2 of them for my girls.


Laurie said...


I would like to add the red pants (stripes) to my order. I will paypal 22 to you. If it is too much, please add any extra to your work with the finca folk.

Thank you,