Friday, April 18, 2008

Girls' Huipiles and Boys' Pantalones Cortos

Since people seemed to like the childrens' aprons, I thought I would see if there is interest in some other childrens' items. I found some very cute used huipiles for girls and pantalones for boys. The pantalones are harder to find; whereas women and girls all over the country wear huipiles, men and boys wear traditional woven pantalones in only certain areas.

Note: All these pieces are used and may have loose strings, wear to embroidery, fading, etc. Some have small holes or repairs. Please see photos and feel free to ask questions.

Wear: Huipiles are generally worn with the bottom portion (below the decoration) tucked into a skirt called a corte. Some are sewn at the sides and some are not. The pantalones are held up using a woven belt called a faja and are meant to be roughly the length of capris. (See my post about Santiago Atitlan, which features a photo two men wearing them.)

Care: These items can be hand-washed with a small amount of detergent. Air dry.

Payment and shipping Details:
  • Payment will be through
  • Please include $2 per order for shipping.
  • Orders will be shipped in May.
To place an order, please leave the following information in your comment:
  • an email address at which I can contact you to exchange information. Feel free to "disguise" the email address so it doesn't get picked up by spambots.
  • the huipil or pantalones you want. First come, first served! :)
Photos show front, back, and detail...

1. Huipil from Chajul: $18
Length=15-16". Width at chest=21"

2. Huipil from Patzun: $18 SOLD
Length=15-16". Width at chest=24".

3. Huipil from Cruz Blanca: $15 SOLD
Length=16". Width at chest=18 1/2"

4. Huipil from Santa Maria de Jesus $15 SOLD
Note: This is machine embroidery.
Length=18". Width at chest=20"

5. Huipil, location not known. $14
Length=15". Width at chest=15"

5. Huipil probably from Tactic or Cerro de Oro $14
Length=11". Width at chest=11 1/2". Baby size!

6. Pantalones from Santa Catarina Palopo $22
Length=21" SOLD

7. Pantalones from Santa Catarina Palopo $28 SOLD
Length: 15"


Laurie said...

I would love #4!

laurie smith katz yahoo dot

Michelle said...

I would like #3 but I am having a hard time figuring out if this would work for my 5 year old. She wears a 6-7 shirt, what do you think? guateangel at msn dot come


Erin Miller said...


Chajul was one of my favorite villages when I was there in '97. That huipil is gorgeous! I wish I had a tiny one to wear it. I'll be down in September. Lord willing, you'll be long gone by then, but if not, I'd love to meet you and would be more than happy to do any shipping, etc. for you. You do gorgeous work! I'll bring you anything you need, too. We'll chat more as it gets closer. e miller at vci dot nt (with the e)

rebecca said...

I would love to buy #2!
rockebell at gmail dot c..

jams0720 said...

I would love #7 for my son since my daughter has her own huipile and corte and I never saw pantalones when I was in Guate. Thanks! Jenny

jams0720 at yahoo dot cm (with the o)