Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fun With Scraps! Part III: Scrapbook Pages

This is Part III of a series of posts providing ideas for projects you or your child can make with a scrap sampler. Here I show a few very basic ideas for scrapbook pages... Yours could look so much better with some colored markers or paper that's not plain white!

  • Blank scrapbook page
  • Scraps of huipil fabric
  • Fabric glue
  • Optional: Photos, markers, other papers or embellishments
  • Choose photos and/or mementos (documents, ticket stubs, boarding passes, etc) for the page.
  • Cut out shapes, letters, or numbers for borders and embellishments from huipil scraps.
  • Attach huipil designs to paper with fabric glue.
  • Add text or other embellishments as desired.
Have you decorated any scrapbook pages using scraps of Guatemalan fabric? If so, I'd love to showcase your work here!

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Oz Free Classifieds said...

wow! all your post are eye candies especially for a craft geek like me. I haven't tried buying from online stores, might give it a shot next time I work on a project