Saturday, May 3, 2008


Sale! Please click on the links to see details about them; if you want to purchase any of the items just leave a comment with your email address.

Sale Items:
Woman's Apron #2
Original Price: $14 Sale: $10 SOLD

Boys' Pantalones from Santa Catarina Palopo
Original Price: $22. Sale: $18 SOLD

Girls' Huipil from Chajul
Original Price: $18. Sale: $15

Girls' Huipil from Tactic or Cerra de Oro
Original Price: $14. Sale: $12

Also, I've made several more scrap samplers!

1 comment:

lizzyG said...

Hi Erin - I would like to buy the PAZ and Floral pieces that you have done. I hope you get into PGN soon and get out in record time. Can I add extra money for the finca?

looking forward to pay-pal-ing you mucho dinero.