Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Muppet Haircut

Huipiles from Todos Santos feature very fine work. The designs are small and geometric with many different colors, often dark with pops of hot pink like those seen in places like San Juan Atitan and Santa Catarina Palopo. The collars are adorned with rick-rack.

I found some Todos Santos scraps last week and was amazed at how much yarn was on the back - It was like a thick layer of fur and must have made the huipil so hot to wear! Apparently the women often cut off the excess, but in this case it was still there. I cut it all off so I could use the fabric (the front!) for crafts.

The backs before their trim... and the pile of excess afterwards. Tell me that last picture doesn't look like a muppet just had a haircut! :)

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