Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I made these three pieces yesterday and today. The huipiles, fajas (belts), and "accessories" are made from huipil fabric; the cortes (skirts) are from corte fabric; and the bodies are felt. All the pieces are fabric glued onto 8X10" thick watercolor paper.

The woman on the left has a tinaja (jug) and wears a yagual (piece of fabric rolled and folded into a ring) so that she can carry the jug on her head as she walks. The middle woman wears a perraje (fabric sling) with her baby on her back. The woman on the right has a canasta con manzanas (basket with apples).

I like the way all three look together, and for anyone interested, I will make a set of three (if still available, you can purchase this set; if not I will make one similar in style) for $49. Separately, these pieces are $18 each, and you can specify which "accessories" you want. Every piece will be unique!

These will look great placed in colorful mats and then framed :)

Update: Sold.

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Michelle Smiles said...

I adore those Erin! Might have to order them...