Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sewing Progress

I was having real problems the other day with the sewing machine, with all these loops appearing on the back of the fabric, like this:

So I called my mom! She said the tension wasn't right and that I needed to adjust it and make sure the machine was threaded correctly. I thought it was, but then I looked at the manual again and I'd done both the upper thread and bobbin wrong :) So I fixed them and got started on my first sewing machine project, making four ginormous 5" bows: one for Azucena and three to sell. They still took a long time, and they also used a heck of a lot of fabric. I think I'll stick to small bows in the future.


Treasures by Tina said...

Hello Fellow Etsyan,

What a cute bow, and adorable little girl! :)

I've had tension issues in the past with my machine too. In fact I got so fed up with trying to sew some fabrics, like fleece, that I started sewing everything by hand. I'm really enjoying it. :D


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Fiber Focus said...

Brave girl! You're going to start whipping out some cool stuff once you get the hang of it. Practice on some light weight cottons first. The heavier woven fabrics you are working with are challenging even for someone who already has sewing experience. Have fun!