Monday, July 14, 2008


Update 7/20: Sold and loan made to Kiva!

Kiva is a microlending organization that gives small loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. It provides a wonderful way for people to build their own businesses and raise their family's economic status.

I will give the entire sale price ($24) of this fabric collage to Kiva to help an individual somewhere in Central America. (When the loan is paid back, I will re-loan to another of their entrepreneurs). Click on the photo to see my full description and purchase!

When it sells, I will post information about the individual who will be receiving the loan.

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heather said...

Hi Erin-

I am wondering if you have given to Kiva before and what your experience has been. Our Latin AMerican Adoptive Families group is gathering a list of giving back opporunities for our memebers and this sounds like a great addition, but I'm wondering about your personal experience.

Thank you!

whatsyourdamage @