Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Guatemalan Yoyo Hair Clips

I found an online tutorial for making "yoyos" and decided to create some hair clips using ones I made out of huipil and corte fabric. Yoyos have a hole in the center on one side, so I filled that hole by sewing in a tagua seed, then I hot glued the hair clip to the back. I'm pleased with how these clips are turning out - They kind of look like little flowers! It's better to use relatively thin fabric when making yoyos, so corte fabric tends to be much easier to work with than huipil fabric. Here are photos of two of the sets I've made so far.


Emmy Lou said...

I work with a large Guatemalan population and I just love those fabrics, lovely creation you made

Sarah Jane said...

Creative AND beautiful! Very nice job. :D

Walk in the Woods said...

I love them!