Monday, September 8, 2008

Brillante Blog!


Thanks, Om Shanti Handcrafts, for the blog award! Each recipient of this award is supposed to nominate seven other blogs and let those recipients know that they won. However, I'm breaking the rules because I'm short on time today. Here are three of my favorite craft blogs:

1. Fiber Focus - Articles and photos galore, concentrating on international textiles and techniques
2. Fieltrunguis - This blog features some of the cutest amigurumi style items you will ever see! The blog is written in Spanish, but even if you don't understand the writing you'll love all the photos.
3. doe-c-doe - Great mix of handmade items and very cool vintage finds


Fiber Focus said...

Why, thank you, Erin! I feel honored. I do check your blog, about once a week to see what is new with you. I know that you have been working hard at it! It's great to see your Etsy store grow and to hear about what's going on in Guatemala. I especially enjoy when you talk about symbolism in the weaves and things like that.

Bejeweled said...

Congrats on your award!! And now I need to go take a look at those other fabulous blogs your listed! :)

Fieltrunguis said...

Muchas gracias! ^__^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your favourites!

I'm asking for huipils for Christmas -- I've found some on ebay that I like -- and I hope I get one or two. I might make things out of them, I might just wear them; I'm not sure yet! But thanks for bringing them to my attention.