Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beads Galore!

I had the best afternoon - My husband watched our little girl while I headed out to the market on my own. No worrying about fitting the stroller in tight spaces or keeping a toddler occupied while I browsed!

I found a stall that carries lots of ceramic beads, different from the ones I'd been buying in another shop down the street. What fun I had, sorting through the baskets of tiny farm animals, fruits, hearts, and sea creatures! All different sizes, colors, and designs.

I was also excited because I got the owner's card and he said he would be willing to ship beads to me in the States. So if we ever manage to leave Guatemala :) I will still have a source for these great handpainted pieces!

1 comment:

MySweetThree said...

It looks like you got a ton of them! yay!!