Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Craft Room Progress

Now that we're back in the US, one of my first projects is setting up a room for crafting and shipping. The room was full of toys, tools, and other things that didn't have another place... and when we returned home last week, I added piles upon piles of textiles, bead containers, and other items to the mess! So it feels good to be organizing.

So far I've cleared everything out of the room, washed the floor, stacked all of the intact (and almost intact) huipiles on shelves, and begun to organize beads. I have a long way to go til it's done, but I now have our old dining room table in there (need to add the leaf) as a workspace, and I'm making use of a lot of the storage that I'd been using for my daughter's baby clothes.

The problem is, now I've got tons of other household stuff to sort through: either to find a new space for or to give away! For now it's clogging up our hallway :)


After about three hours of work:

After about six hours of work:

Stay Tuned!


Firehouse Jewelry said...

Your before pictures remind me of my workshop

paintingpam said...

ATTA Girl, just keep plugging and your room will be ready for creative chaos!!

ThreadBeaur said...

That is a big job. Looks great. It is really nice to have a dedicated spot for crafting!

Deb said...

After you have settled in and are itching for a trip away- come to my house!!! I have a very disorganized craft space in the basement. It needs some organization - especially in the fabric area.

Just kidding.

It looks great. You did a great job.

Love to you,

Beth said...

Wow, you are an organizing maven! It looks fantastic.

Chiocciola said...

Wow what a transformation! It must feel comforting that a corner of your home feels like a corner at Nim Pot!