Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mural: Men in Guatemala

On the wall opposite the women's mural in Dona Luisa's is a mural dedicated to the men of Guatemala. It is a wonderful work of art that presents Guatemalan men in different roles. Just as the center of the women's mural was a weaver, the center of this mural is a man working on a farm. Weaving and cultivating the land are traditionally two of the most important activities in Guatemala.

Guatemalan history is portrayed in the mural's display of the Mayan temples and the Spanish conquistadors. One can also see present-day men building and participating in sciences and music. My favorite scenes in this mural relate to rituals and customs: Look for the giant kite for Day of the Dead in Santiago Sacatepequez, men swinging incense burners and carrying religious signs during a procession, the pole swingers in Chichicastenango, and more.

On the left-hand side a man's hands release a dove: a wish of peace for Guatemala.

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