Monday, October 6, 2008

Mexican Tile Jewelry

I love the jewelry in Shrunken Cat Heads' shop - It's inspired by Mexican tiles, and she makes the tiny tiles herself. They're so colorful!

Cori Crooks is the woman behind Shrunken Cat Heads. She had this to say about her craft:
I take inspiration for my work from my childhood neighborhood. As native of the San Francisco Bay Area, I had the good fortune to grow up around many different cultures. My Mexican tile jewelry and world tiles are reflective of my childhood neighborhood brimming with color, be it the tiled Chicano mural on the side of the local tortilla factory, or the hand painted tiles which wrapped around the building of my community's Portuguese newspaper, or the classical roman shapes that tiled the Spanish mission down the road. These images stuck with me and are a direct influence on my design and use of color. I recreate these classical patterns and prints them on to miniature tiles, which then become the foundation of my wearable art.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!... and very interesting!
Great blog:)

Bethany said...

Those are spectacular. I love them all. Your blog is very well done, bravo!

La Alicia said...

I know that shop well -- gorgeous work and great detail!

april said...

Love her work!