Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Piece of Your Child's History

I've had several adoptive moms recently write asking for a huipil from the Guatemalan village in which their child was born. I'm more than happy to do this; just leave a comment with contact info, and I will do my best to locate a nice example at an affordable price (almost always under $50).

I can also search for cortes (skirts), children's huipiles, pantalones (if yours is a village in which the men and boys wear traditional pants), or fajas (belts).


Michele P. said...

very nice thing to do! I find it fascinating that entire villages will wear the same colors, I never knew this was the case until I met some migrant workers from Huehuetenango and villages nearby that showed me photos of San Miguel Acatan and other areas. In Sansur Palencia where my hubby was born, they don't do that, but I know in many areas they do. what a wonderful way to show these beautiful children part of their history and culture.

Kristi said...

Erin --

I would love any traditional clothing item for my kids to have. My son is from Escuintla; my daughter is from Sayaxche Peten. Anything you can find would be GREATLY appreciated. THanks!!

Much love -

Carrie S said...

Have you ever run accross anything from villa nueva?

mariesea said...

Hi. I am an adoptive mom and I am interested in obtaining a huipile or any traditonal clothing from the birthplace of my son's birthmother. She was born in Jutiapa, Guatemala.
Any help you can give me will be much appreciated. Thank you.


Carissa said...

This is fabulous! I have two adopted daughters from Guatemala. The first is from Guatemala City . . . the other mother is from San Marcos. If you could locate a huipile from San Marcos I would be thrilled! I especially like the mirrors you make with them . . . would that be possible? Thanks! Cari at